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Card Durability and Security

Laminating Options

Wide range of protection and security options

Every day, your ID cards face a variety of threats. Normal wear and tear takes its toll, as does exposure to harsh environmental conditions or chemicals. Cards must also provide a strong defense against tampering, forgery, counterfeiting and other illegal activities.

This is why Datacard Group offers a complete line of protective topcoats and laminates for its card printers. Developed by experts in card durability and security, these supplies meet an extensive array of program-specific needs in government, corporate, education and other markets.

Clear Topcoat

  • Protects cards from cracks, chips, abrasion, moisture and chemical reactions
  • Features true edge-to-edge card coverage
  • Improves card security with an optional custom hologram

Datacard® DuraGard® Clear Laminate

  • Provides stronger protection against abrasion and chemical attack
  • Extends the life of national IDs, driver's licenses and other IDs that are costly to reissue
  • Delivers virtual edge-to-edge coverage
  • Available as a 0.5 or 1.0 mil patch

Datacard® DuraGard® Generic Security Laminates

  • Combines low-cost security with the durability of DuraGard Clear Laminates
  • Virtual "edge-to-edge" coverage
  • Multiple security features within each design
  • "Secure Globe" for "Genuine Authentic" patterns available
  • Immediately available from stock
  • No minimum order required
  • Intended for customers who want a simple, low-cost security solution

Datacard® DuraGard® Secureprint Laminate

  • Combines the durability of DuraGard clear laminates with higher security
  • Adds customizable areas for logos or text, plus a standard holographic image
  • Offers lower set-up charges and shorter lead times than custom laminates
  • Ideal for employee badges, school IDs, municipal IDs and other credentials
  • Very cost-effective approach to card security.
  • Available as a 0.6 mil patch

Datacard® DuraGard® Holographic Laminate

  • Features an embedded custom hologram that is virtually impossible to alter or duplicate
  • Offers optical variable devices (OVDs): color-shift ink, UV ink and microtext
  • Maintains the durability and virtual edge-to-edge protection of all DuraGard® laminates
  • Ideal for corporate, education, municipal, healthcare and government programs
  • Available as a 0.6 or 1.0 mil patch

Datacard® DuraGard® Optigram® Laminate

  • Maximizes card security for the most demanding applications
  • Incorporates highly sophisticated overt and covert OVDs
  • Choose multiple custom options: guilloche patterns, holograms, laser retrievable covert text, SecureText™ microprinting
  • Available as a 0.6 or 1.0 mil patch

Datacard® DuraGard® Optigram® Laminate

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